Shadow Merchant

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Based in the Philadelphia area and formed in 2007, Shadow Merchant is a hard rocking, talented, original progressive rock band drawing from influences including Rush, Kansas, Yes and Dream Theater. Shadow Merchant performed at the Keswick Theatre in 2012 and 2013 as a finalist band in the WMGK Rock MD competition both years. The band made its Rockin’ Docs debut at the 2013 event at World Café Live. Shadow Merchant’s debut album, The Tunnel was released in May 2014 and is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.

Shadow Merchant was founded when two local radiologists, Sean Reiter, MD (guitar) and Paul McGinnis, MD (drums) realized their common musical interests and complementary skills one day at work. Howard Whitman was soon recruited to join the group for lead vocals and bass, later followed by Don Henney, brought in to man the keyboards. Yvonne Blackwell joined the band in 2014.

The band consists of:

Dr. Sean Reiter (Guitar/Vocals) – Section Head of MRI for Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.
Dr. Paul McGinnis (Drums) – Diagnostic Imaging, Inc
Howard Whitman (Bass/Guitar/Lead Vocals)
Don Henney (Keyboards/Vocals)
Yvonne Blackwell (Vocals)

Guest Appearances by:

Dr. Ken Einhorn (Drums) – Pinnacle ENT Associates, Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health
Dr. Lisa Davis (Flute) – Eye Associates of Elkins Park
Jeannette Talese (Violin)
John Mahony (Violin)
Kevin Riley (Violin)
Yoomi Kwon (Cello)
Fran Webster (Background Vocals)