RD Sting

RD Sting RD Sting is the fourth tribute band assembled specifically for the Rockin’ Docs for Diabetes Cure concert event. This year’s tribute is to the timeless songs of the Grammy Award winning solo artist and former Police frontman, Sting. The core band brings together musicians with vast experiences having appeared with such diverse, local bands as Shadow Merchant, So Sydney, The Lucky Stiffs, Sector 7, Where’s Pete, The Whitewalls, and Smooth Landing Jazz Group as well as having performed with Eric Bazilian of The Hooters.  The band will be augmented by an eclectic group of special guest musicians in bringing the beauty and power of Sting’s music to life.
The band consists of:
Dr. Kenneth Einhorn (Drums) – Pinnacle ENT Associates, Abington Hospital-Jefferson Health

Dr. Howard Press (Saxophone) – Kennedy Health Alliance

Yvonne Blackwell (Vocals/Percussion)

Nick DiRocco (Keyboards)

John Goetz (Guitar)

Howard Whitman (Vocals/Bass)

Guest artists:
Dr. Nicholas Taweel (Bass) – Rothman Institute-Jefferson Health

Roger Mgrdichian (Oud)

Joseph Tayoun (Darbuka/Percussion)

William Tayoun (Keyboards)Meesha