RD Peter

RD Peter is the fifth tribute band assembled specifically for the Rockin’ Docs for Diabetes Cure concert event. This year’s tribute is to the innovative songs of the multi-Grammy Award winning solo artist and former Genesis frontman, Peter Gabriel. For over 40 years, Gabriel’s music has combined Western popular music with elements of traditional music from the developing world. The band brings together the members of Shadow Merchant along with a diverse group of musicians and instruments in order to deliver the creativity and beauty of Gabriel’s most popular songs.
The band consists of:

Dr. Kenneth Einhorn (Electric Drums) – Pinnacle ENT Associates, Abington Hospital-Jefferson Health
Dr. Sean Reiter (Guitar) – DII/Sheridan-Jefferson Health Northeast
Dr. Howard Press (Sax/Woodwinds) – Kennedy Health Alliance
Yvonne Blackwell (Vocals)
Michael LaBuono (Keyboards)
David Lee (Drums)
Roger Mgrdichian (oud)
Paula Breslin Perry, RN (Percussion)
Joseph Tayoun (darbuka)
William Tayoun (Keyboards)
Howard Whitman (Vocals/Bass)

Guest artists:

Dr. Nicholas Taweel (Bass) – Rothman Institute-Jefferson Health