RD Beach Boys

In keeping with the tradition of previous Rockin’ Docs concerts, Dr. Ken Einhorn took his drum sticks and spent all summer long driving in his little deuce coupe to the California surf and sailing on to Kokomo – all to find the perfect musicians and singers to pay tribute to one of America’s greatest rock bands. But it was only upon his return to the Philadelphia area did he find the talented musicians from the band, You Might Think (Cars tribute band). And then he found the sweet vocal harmonies of seven members of the Orpheus Club of Philadelphia, one of the longest-standing men’s choral societies in the U.S. So, together we present – RD Beach Boys!
The Musicians:
Dr. Kenneth Einhorn (Drums) – Pinnacle ENT Associates, Abington Hospital-Jefferson Health
Chris Cristino (Bass)
Adam Martin (Keyboards)
Howard Whitman (Guitar)
The Vocalists:
Members of the Orpheus Club of Philadelphia:
Mike Maicher (1st Tenor)
Mark Still (1st Tenor)
Zach Taylor (2nd Tenor)
Christian Bergbauer (2nd Tenor)
John McLeod (2nd Tenor)
Morgan Maxwell (Baritone)
Bill Taylor (Bass)